Common questions and answers


How long will an original beat or remix take to produce?

From deposit payment, I can normally turn around beats within 2-3 weeks. It largely depends on my schedule at the time. We will work to a mutually agreeable timeframe at the start of the process.

Please include 3 song references to give creative input into the process.

What information do I need to submit for a beat or remix?

We will work together to ensure you have the beat/remix that you want.

Please submit 3 reference songs that you like to give creative direction for the beat.

Initial beat ideas will be emailed to you as mp3s so you can hear the direction the beat is taking.

How long does mixing and mastering take?

From receipt of your order, I can normally turn around a mix and master within 1-2 weeks for a single. 

It largely depends on my schedule at the time. We will work to a mutually agreeable timeframe at the start of the process.

How do I submit audio stems and files for mixing or mastering?

Please export all of the individual parts (i.e. kick, snare, hats, bass etc.) from your DAW and ensure they all start from the same place e.g. Bar 0 Beat 1

Please send a reference track (rough mix) of your song.

Ensure that the volumes of the individual parts are similar to the reference track.

Should I remove any effects I have on my mix before I submit for mixing?

Please remove extreme compression and limiting from the master bus and ensure there is more than 6dB of headroom (master fader peaking at a maximum of -6dB.

Please remove reverb and delays from vocal tracks as these will be mixed from scratch.

If you have added creative effects you wish to retain on certain parts please keep them in the stems i.e. automated delays, phasers, chorus etc.

What file type do I need to send for mixing or mastering?

Like most mix engineers I require 16bit or 24bit .WAV stems at 44.1kHz.

If you work in Logic Pro X you could submit your project file, ensuring that every track has been converted to audio.

What is the best way to send files for mixing or mastering?

The best and easiest way to send files over is to zip them and transfer online via Google Drive, WeTransfer, Dropbox or any other similar file transfer system.

My song has already been mixed, will you master it?

Of course. If you have had a mix engineer work on your project, and you require a fresh pair of ears from a mastering engineer that is not a problem.

If the project has been mixed by a number of different mixing engineers, it is often beneficial to have one mastering engineer finalise the project.

How do I know you are the right Hip Hop Engineer for me?

I have been producing Hip Hop since the early 2000s and specialise in Hip Hop mixing and Hip Hop mastering. I have had music featured on countless TV shows, websites, blogs and playlists. Please take a listen to audio examples and testimonials from various clients here.

How does payment work?

Payment will be done through either PayPal or online bank transfer.

50% will be paid upfront as a deposit and a further 50% upon completion of the work.


If you have further questions please get in contact here.