Layers – Album

Layers is my debut solo album.

The years leading up to the release of this album were monumental on a personal and professional level. I was now a father of two children and my production output grew at such a rate that I began to make plans to move to working on music full time. For many producers – even hip hop producers – our personal circumstances and even our outlook on life will affect the music that is made. This album is no exception.

The album is packed full of the emotion of being a new father. Filled with exuberant melodies, reflective sentiment and soothing vibrations, the album moves between good ol’ boom-bap to uptempo summer bangers. I tried to create an album that has something for everyone. From the jazzy lead single ‘Hot Sauce’ to the mesh of euro-pop and afro-bashment on ‘Yellow Yachts’ and everything inbetween, Layers was the culmination of my musical influences brought together in one project. The album is full of optimism, fervour and elation.

Take a listen below and prepare to embed yourself in a meticulous patchwork of woven emotions, showcasing the beautiful nuances of the human experience.